Saturday, 26 November 2011

Clearly no one reads this, but seeing as I posted in this for months on the build up to my final exams I feel I owe it to my non existent audience and my self to report back my results.

I got 59.3% overall, and because my second year mark was a 57.something % this meant that...

I am now a Bachelor of Science with an honoury degree in Psychology, awarded a Second Class honours, upper tier degree, yup, I got the 2:1.

I got the very thing I set out to achieve, I wrote 2:1 on my hand every day, I lost sleep for months, I turned down trips to see friends, I turned down many things this summer in the pursuit of the degree I so desired, and it all paid off.

I spent the second year of uni getting my head around my dad having cancer, I then spent the third year preparing my self for his death, and ultimately watching him die. Despite this, despite two bouts of surgery on myself, and more to come, I some how, mustered the motive and determination to get that 2:1. to prove to everyone that no matter what happens, I can still achieve what ever I want in life.

After the past year, any self doubt in myself, has been thrown out the window in style, I can do anything if I put my mind to it, and that excites me, I have it in me to make my life exactly what I want to make it, and I now fully believe this. I just wish dad could see what I have become, however it was him dying that has made me what I am now. Dad dying was the motivation for me to carry on studying. He did not give up his fight against cancer, he was truly inspirational in his fight, dignified and brave to the end, and it was witnessing this unbelievable courage and determination to save face in front of family that made me realise that if he can do that, then I can do anything.

In the few days running up to his death, some of the last words he spoke to me were...

..."you'll do me proud won't you"...

...well I have Dad, I've done you proud, and I will keep doing so forever, and I hope you don't mind but I might just get your initials tattooed on my wrist so that just in case I ever waver in life I have an instant reminder of everything I stand for, my morals, beliefs, motivations and my main source of inspiration.

You were a fantastic dad, and my best friend, and if I can be half the man you were I will be satisfied. I think I've made a good start.

Love you always.

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