Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Song of the week #12

Fresh new Death Cab For Cutie from the fourth (or should that be seventh?) coming album 'Codes and Keys'

Listen Here

Sounds Promising!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Dwarf hamsters and a rare bike

Given as I still can't ride bikes for at least another 6 weeks, and I can't swim for another 6 weeks, and I can't do ANYTHING for what feels like EVER...

...I bought some Dwarf Hamsters.

Say hello to Shilo and Loop

They are awesome, they make me laugh, and they let met escape from reality, so they are complete winners in my opinion!

I have also built up the SX frame with the parts off my hardtail...

Again, it has given me something to think about, something to do that is not work. I'm going to sell the hardtail frame and fund a few parts for this bike. Then I may sell it for a nice price, and get something cheaper, pocket the spare cash and buy something else to make some more money on. Thing is, now it's built, I just want to ride it, all the time!



Song of the week #11

Electric President - Safe and Sound

I don't think this song will ever get old.


all this time you've been drifting out with the tide my friend

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Song of the week #10

Im getting a bit back logged here, I should be posting song of the week # 11

But for continuity i will post what i spent week 10 of 2011 listening to...the new chooon by Flux Pavilion call Bass Cannon


Turn your bass up, and enjoy it in all its PHATNESS.

This is also a good remix if you tend to side with Drum and Bass over Dubstep...


I kinda like that remix better!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Very Poignant One

Today is the first time in a few weeks that Ive actually felt like writing. I don't know why, well in fact it could be many reasons, it could be that Plymouth is currently basked in sunshine with temperatures up to 14degrees, or the fact im in shorts, or the fact im still on a high (but feeling bad) from drinking last night, or that Ive just had my first physio session, or that i can actually type at a laptop.

What ever it is, in fact no, i know why I'm typing here and its because I'm procrastinating.

I guess I'm feeling good after my physio appointment because he was massively impressed with my range of movement, and said that given the time frame since my op i was very advanced in rehab. He did however say that I should not be riding bikes at least for anther 8 weeks, that was a kick in the balls.

It's really nice to know that the stupid sling (the one i blogged about a while ago) which held my arm in ab/adduction was actually a massive benefit, and contributed greatly to my shoulders state. How I wore that massive, 'Ive just ripped the arm off a cinema arm chair' sling for four weeks whilst dealing with everything at home, and NOT melt down, OK melt down more than i did, is completely beyond me.

I need to blog here more, its the only person i have to talk too down here. Well that's not true, friends are here for me, but i choose not to talk to them. I dont want to burden them with my shit when they have stuff to get on with. I know in the grand scheme of things a dissertation has the significance of a grain of sand in a desert, but to everyone else its massively important, and my nonchalance at times probably irritates people.

But recently, Ive really start to just not give a fuck.

about anything.

I'm supposed to be working now, trying to get a first draft of my project done by Friday. WHY? I've got till may 19Th, why am i putting even more pressure on my self, I'm just going to burn out. pointless.

I'm also massively denying dad, putting off dealing with it fully until my exams are over. I'm going home soon though, and i will be forced to deal with it there, which is probably a good thing.

Ive had so many dreams of dad, not nice dreams of when he wasn't ill, all of when he was, i guess because that was a traumatic time and its still on my mind, a lot. But I don't want it to be. I had one dream, where i was sat in the church at the service, and dad appeared, came over to me, sat by me and told me that everything will be OK.

I wish he could say that to me in person.

It will still reassuring though, and i think over time my dreams will start to resolve, or rather i will start to resolve my issues with grievance and thus my dreams will resolve. There is so much going on in my mind that people don't know about, why should they, I'm not going to tell them, but as a result people think you are fine, they ask how you are and you want to tell them that your dad has died and you have lost the one inspiration in your life and that you cant even describe how that makes you feel, but you don't, you just say something rubbish, like 'yer up and down', something that they might be able to fathom even on the most superficial level. People think you can just carry on, but the only life that has ended here is my dads, my life hasn't ended and it won't wait for me, i have to carry on, i have to pass my exams, i have to carry on living my life, for him, i have to find a way.

This is very poignant(right word?) for me, Ive surprised myself. Clearly i needed to write in this blog more than i thought, i was just waiting for the right time, seems like I've found it. Maybe i should get drunk and sober up and write whilst still in that sober post drinking high more often.

So yer i don't know where I'm going with this, but i think Ive successfully 'gone there'. I hope all this writing is beneficial.


P.S there are spelling mistakes, but im not here to practice my grammar. Also, do I 'i' or 'I'? Meh

Acknowledgements : Listened to: Electric President, Safe and Sound whilst i was writing this Beautiful song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27bESHiJ9cU

read about Electric President here: http://haveyoumetheather.blogspot.com/2011/02/in-which-electric-president-will-keep.html

these links look messy, weill try harder next time. meh

Monday, 7 March 2011

Song of the Week #9

T.V On The Radio - DLZ

This song is song of the week because I've listened to it in some fowl moods and some reflective ones. Songs are fully open to your own interpretation, that's the beauty of music, for me this song expresses what I've felt over the last week; frustration, anger, and a sadness of the complete mess of life...

'Congratulations on the mess you made of things'

and perhaps the hopelessness of things...

'This is beginning to feel like the long winded blues of the never'

I'm struggling of late, to express how I feel. I feel, but I don't express. At the moment music allows me to vent how I feel in a weird way, I'm not sure that makes sense...

...but the music and lyrics of others can often work on a level for me, like a form of in-direct, second hand catharsis.

What I think the song is about it irrelevant, what you think the song is about is irrelevant, the same song, in different moods can mean completely different things.

Is there a right and wrong in interpretation of music?

Music is Art, Art is open to interpretation, but both Music and Art do have original meanings and history, but I don't think I want to know what they are.

As soon as you get to the bottom of something, it's often lost all of it's magic and meaning.

So without further a do...listen: Tv on the Radio - DLZ

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

1 Month Since Op

Yup, its been one month since I had my second shoulder op.

Ive done 4 weeks in a sling which makes up phase 1 of my re hab!

Phase 2 consisits of no activities that are 'strenious' to my shoulder for 2 months.

In that two months Im hoping to at least be able to get on a bike and cycle to and from Uni, but Im not rushing. Maybe some swimming? Maybe not. Havnt seen my physio yet, but from research on the internet Ive got at least 2 weeks of very basic exercises to do every day.

So then I'm still looking at August for my first surf in, well, a year!

This PDF is really handy for shoulder issues:

This PDF might just become my Bible: http://www.haysortho.com

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