Friday, 28 December 2012

The Nike Mogan.

These are my 2007/8 Nike 6.0 Zoom Mogan Trainers (correct me if I'm wrong). If these trainers could talk as well as walk, Christ they would have some tails to tell. They've been through shit, sick and squalor, through to posh events, festivals, sunnier climates, and to be honest just about everything a year in Great Britain can offer. They've been flooded and dried and still held fast in the floods of 2008, they stood tall at Glastonbury 2011 despite raging winds and sideways rain, they've even taken me to victory in a local Mountain Bike series in the south west. These are just the trying times, for the duration of their life, these trainers have been 'fit and forget'. I put them on, and they do their job so well that it's not until they are kicked off at the very doorstep you see above that I actually stand back and appreciate all that this shoe has done for my feet. 

I do not live life in half measures and as a result these trainers have had one almighty test, and they have won the test of time. After five years of constant abuse from riding bmx, mtb, being filled and drained with mud, dust, rain, snow and sand, these trainers have been utterly faultless. Only now are they showing signs of their demise...a small hole on the inside of the right shoe, nothing major, but sadly in a position that means water seepage is inevitable, and my pet hate is wet socks.

Stefan Janoski Low Premium

Not surprising then, that I am really struggling to find a suitable trainer to replace this triumphant pair, I am five years older than when I bought these trainers and my tastes have changed, I want something a bit smarter, yet I still want the comfort of knowing that even on the rainiest of days, I can slip on a pair of trainers and not have wet feet all day. The 'Stefan Janoski Low Premium' is more the sort of trainer I want, but I can't help but feel it will not stand as much abuse as I am lightly to give it. The 'Dunk High' is fantastic trainer but slightly too big, which leaves something along the lines of the 'AF1 Downtown' or a more obvious replacement, the 'Mogan Low 3
Nike Mogan Low 3 ID

If I've had it's predecessor for time, then surely this modern day version will last me equally as long. 

Surely it's a no brainer? 

Either way, I wanted to pay homage to what can only be described as a fantastic trainer, a relentless mud runner, a clear leader, and a reliable friend of my feet that have seen me through thick and thin and never faltered. I just hope whatever pair of Nikes I buy next will be just asreliable for the next five years of my life. 
Cheers Nike.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Funny how dreams can go from being there and existing but not influencing, to suddenly smacking you in the face.

Last night I received a text from my Dad, (in my dream obviously, I'm not going mad) I can see that text so clearly, I can even see every Capital letter and comma. 
He sent me a text saying he was ok, everything was fine and he would be coming out of hospital soon as he had got his VOICE BACK. 
I was so happy in that moment, so so happy and excited to see him. Though, within seconds of waking up, I was crushed, crushed by the ruthlessness of reality. Never have I gone from being so ecstatically happy to so...I've just spend two minutes staring at the screen trying to explain it with words, and I just can't. 

I love you dad. I can't express how much I miss you every single day. 

Now you have your voice back maybe you will talk to me in my dreams.

Monday, 10 December 2012


Eyes really are very under-rated.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Job

The job

So I've been at work for three weeks now, or maybe four I'm not sure. But its going ok, up and down, like a yo yo. It is kinda cool what I do I guess, and the more I think about it the more I think 'shit am I really carrying this much responsibility, do these people really trust me to be doing this?'
Basically I am fully responsible for insuring that three mills have enough wheat, oats,maize,peas,barley on a day to day basis to make enough bread and other products. That's just insane to let someone as nonchalant as me carry out such a heavy task. Today I was controlling all of the product out of a mill in Manchester, product that feeds cattle, that allows them to grow, and be milked and killed for tasty steak, control of that!

It does get a bit repetitive I must admit, playing the same mill, the same calls and scoring the same deals with regular hauliers, but there are some laughs to be had. For example one haulier phoned today,
"frontier jack speaking"
"jack is Alicia there?"
"She is, shall I put you across?"

He simply replies,

"is she fit jack?"

Hahaha and thats it, my afternoon has been made, me and Jim end up talking for about fifteen minutes after Alicia, shes sat within ear shot but is none the wiser.
"Well would you?" He continues,
"That's a no then!" We're both in hysterics.

"How many pints would it take? Four? I always flirt with her on the phone, I bet shes fat, is she fat jack? This always happens, I always flirt with the fattys"

Hes laughing for England and so am i. I lean back in my chair in hysterics and start to feel good, I'm in an office chatting, laughing, but doing business all at the same. Its clicked.

"Whats that saying, flirt on the phone add 2 stone" hes roaring down the am I.
I don't care what people in the office think, and Ive been to his site in Worcester, i know he is just sat in a portacabin next to a calender of lorries, hugging a mini electric heater, but we are both on fire.

"Always the fattys, well you better put me across jack"

Moments like that make the job so much more worthwhile.yo It wasn't just Jim either. Ive have two shit days, and today in stead of getting wound up, i just went with it, just chatted to everyone properly, no business talk...but it was somehow, and it worked.

"Hows your week been Dave?" I ask,
i know the answer but it will start a fun conversation...

"Fucking shit" he replies.

Brilliant, it works you know, I'm letting them know that I am on their side, I empathize with them, listen to them and look out for them. I hook them up with work and as a result they keep saying less and will hopefully scratch my back when I get in a tricky situation.

I'm not sure this is something I want to do long term, but the people are great, and sure I'm rough around the edges, when have I not been, but I'm doing ok. Ive been thrown in the pool, and I'm in class two, swimming...just.

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