Tuesday, 15 July 2014


For the past 6 months my life has revolved around two things; studying Biology and work. I have slogged my guts out at both, and given my all, and have made many sacrifices along the way.

Today however, I find myself sat on a train, embarking on a journey to Portugal, were Natalie and I will try our hardest to do as little as possible and relax as much as possible!

A week of relaxation has been 6 months in the waiting, and will be very much welcomed, and dare I say, well deserved!

P.S. If I die whilst surfing Supertubos, then at least I died trying to achieve a dream...getting barreled!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Biology A Level Update

Back in December, I decided to stop just talking about Physiotherapy and actually take some action.

I enrolled on a Biology A Level in January, knowing that I would have to sit all my exams inly 4-5 months later, in May and June.

Well, I have finally finished my A Level, and I can honestly say, it was up there as being one of the most intense periods of my life, simply because I was working a full time job most of the time, leaving only evenings to study, and weekends to see Natalie.

This was tough!

Now I am finished, I come home from work and rejoice that I do not have to study for three hours before I can finally have some me time. Ironically, now I have free evenings, I have picked up a Physiotherapy book, which can only be a good sign right?

If my grade is a 'B' then UWE will accept me, and off I trot to Bristol. If I dont get a 'B' then I have no idea what to do.

I've learnt a great deal in the last 5 months, not just about Biology, but also that my passion for learning remains, and my grit and determination, as well as self discipline and control is ever present!

Lets just hope I worked hard enough to get that B grade, otherwise this will all be rather embarrassing, not to mention a complete waste of time and money! ha

Big thank you to everyone who has supported me and understood why I have had to turn down lots of fun things recently. Of course a massive thank you to Natalie for putting up with me too :)

Friday, 27 June 2014

Happy Fathers Day

We finally got the old boy a Headstone. Can't believe it was 3 and a half years ago.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


If my plan works out, 

I will have a career that I can do anywhere in the world, that I can make work for the lifestyle I crave.

I can practise where the mountains are high enough to bike and board, and where the waves are consistent enough to surf year round. 

I can live and work the dream. :)

...and on that bombshell its back to the Biology study!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thursday, 9 January 2014

2013 in Pictures.

The best bits, the bits that make life worth living.

The Firth of Forth, the end to an amazing break.

Finally riding bikes with Foz on MY kinda terrain!

Riding Dh with the Plymouth crew, Gawton, Uk. Long overdue.

Endless rides at Hopton, losing myself in the moment.

Endless road rides too! Getting fit and healthy.

Just arrived at Croyde with Natalie, straight to the beach to check the surf.

Around The Island, Isle of Wight.

A moment on Arthurs Seat, Edinburgh.

Our 'Build Your Own Picnic Day', on bikes of course.

The spot of some soul searching with Foz.

Rush hour in the Shire.

Another holiday with this Smiler.

The best place to ponder.

Our playground in Morocco.

All to ourselves.

The sunset surf of all sunset surfs. Oeud Charrat.

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