Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cold Turkey

Never have I felt such an overwhelming desire to get out on my bike. I've not ridden properly for almost a month. Ill for two weeks,  last week here in London. I'm still here now, and I need to escape, I feel edgy and restless, like an addict twitching, waiting for their next hit.

I'm going cold turkey, as ridiculous as that seems.

All I want is that feeling of the open road ahead of me, the challenge of a hill climb, the thrill of a decent. Or the process of unloading my mountain bike, putting my pads on, and that first decent at Hopton, skipping over roots, cutting berms, and flowing jumps.

I compensate here in London and go for a run in a suburbanised park. It isn't enough...

...I've forgotten what it's like to be exhilarated by speed.

I've ground to a halt.

Friday, 18 October 2013


I think I've finally narrowed down what I want to do with my life. Something in the bike industry, or something like physiotherapy/sports massage/personal trainer. Or both. I'd rather help people get better and feel better, then help them get richer.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Gawton Gravity Hub

Well by the looks of it this blog is becoming more about photos that writing, seems like I'm getting a bit lazy really.

A few weekends ago I finally managed to hook up with some riding buddies from Plymouth. We got in a solid days riding at the Gawton Gravity Hub, which was pretty scary, but super fun. I've been riding trails for months, and not really anything that is classed as proper downhill, so to be suddenly following my buddies down a downhill track, on my enduro bike, whilst they smash it on dh bikes was certainly an experience.

The old girl held up very well though.

We made full use of the Gawton Gravity Hub uplift system, which ran so smoothly. We paid £15 for 7 uplifts which was enough for us to be honest. I was really impressed by how steady the trailer held the bikes. Last time I used an uplift system my bike got beaten up so bad, so it was nice to be safe in the knowledge that my bike was going to look exactly the same at the top of the hill, and the bottom. However a few scratches were added from some sniper rocks and over the bar moments.

I only rode Proper Job and HSD. Proper Job was new to me, and I must say it was way more fun than I was expecting. Jumps, Hips, Drops, Rocks, and of course Gawtons staple Berms. It wasn't too bad on the Pitch either, it would have been faster and more comfortable on a dh bike, but it was still very fun on the short travel beast.

Overall, Gawton made for a great day out, it was easy to get to, well priced, and ran very smoothly. I know I'm certainly looking forward to heading back there as soon as...now I just need to source a dh bike!


Friday, 4 October 2013


After a long long time, I'm finally getting the chance to ride with my old riding buddies from Uni times! This is going to be epic, though I HAVE to keep myself in one piece!!

Wish me luck!

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