Sunday, 17 July 2011

Well Google + can suck my balls

Why the fuck have all my photos from previous posts gone?!


this is all because of this new fucking Google + shit.

The photos from my blog came up on Google + but I deleted them off google + becuase I didnt want everyone seeing them...

...and FUCK MY LIFE they have deleted them off my blogspot.

I just give up.

Friday, 15 July 2011


Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a skeptic, I feel like my skepticism simply quashes the hope others hold onto. The pretense that something completely irrational and non meaningful holds some sacred meaning, is just that, its irrational.

The brain is so hell bent on meaning and understanding, we often find meaning where there simply is none.

Each to their own I guess.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Highs and Lows

As per usual I'm writing in my blog with no real reason or motive other than, well, I feel i should.

I'm currently sat on a train on my way home to Hereford, interestingly the only reason I'm writing this now is because my phone has ran out of battery so i cant mindlessly sit on facebook, (I'm writing in notepad). I cant remember what my last post was. I think it was something along the lines of "shit hit the fan",

Well it has.

I've not yet seen my surgeon, but it would seem that I have potentially damaged the labrum and other shoulder muscles via an accident i had a week ago. That is, re damaged. The 5 months of hard physiotherapy were not a complete waste though. In injuring myself i managed to hurt both of my shoulders, my right shoulder fully dislocated anteriorly and was in such a way for 8 hours, and much to my amazement my left shoulder, arguably the weaker of the two, only came away with aches and pains and 5 subluxions over the last three days. A subluxion is a partial dislocation towards the edge of the socket which spontaneously, or with the guide of your other arm quickly re locates. This means that the glenhoid labrum (CHECK) has been stretched, and indeed the muscles that i had surgery on have stretched again, however whether there is a tear or not is still not clear.
My physio does not think i have re teared my labrum due to the very little pain I am feeling and the fully range of movement. However he is not a shoulder specialist. Typically, there is a long waiting list to see my surgeon Mr Hay, so for now I
really do not know what to do.

Shoulder Dislocation Rehabilitation is somewhat of a controversial matter, for example my physio has told be that an adduction/abduction (CHECK) sling for 6 weeks will be sufficient. However web resources have stated that 2 weeks maximum is required in a sling, anything after that is pointless as it simply leads to more stiffness and more pain.

This 2 week sling period is great for me as I'm due to start work soon. As for my left shoulder, it has been suggested I have an Arthrogram and MRI, which is basically where my laburm is injected with a dye which under MRI will reveal any tears.

It really is just a joke isn't it. How can one person have so much bad luck, and just exactly when will I have a clear run of no mishaps?

It was no more than a week before this happened that I was discharged by my physio Chris Ward, and yet I found myself visiting him again today at the nuffield to start another long bid of rehab.

However there have been many positive things in my life of late. Glastonbury festival was out of this world. I drank all my alcohol in the first two nights, got on average 4 hours sleep every day and woke up drunk 5 of the 6 nights I was there. I saw some fantastic music in a vast array of different states, from sober to, well, lets just say far from sober. I made some new friends, chilled with current, and generally had an amazing time, it was a real escape from reality and came, despite the lack of sleep and a very refreshing week.

This was followed my three days in Paris. One thing that was surreal here was departing Glastonbury and then Bristol Airport in a nice 21DegC and landing in Paris in upwards of 35DegC. After a week binging at Glastonbury I must have sweated out a
lot of toxins there. Paris was completely worth it though, a beautiful city, with a beautiful way of life. If it wasn't for my complete inability to speak French, let alone English Id happily live there. On a role, I made it back from Paris to Bristol and down to Plymouth before heading to Newquay. Newquay was great, it was brilliant to see the lads, but, well, I was a mess, I was physically and mentally exhausted and really just wanted to go to bed and not get out for a long time. However it was Daes stag doo, he would only be having one and i had to be there. But this weekend, for me at least, became tainted by my accident, and it was here in Newquay, that my shoulders met their worst challenge yet.

OK so this is becoming a very long blog, I don't want to stop writing though, so I will chunk it up into sections with photos so it is easier to digest and you, my non existent audience can pick and choose which sections you want to read about.

The final positive in the messy puzzle of the last two weeks has come in the form of Sarah Youen. We met at pre drinks to a spontaneous night out a few weeks ago in Plymouth. A complete breath of fresh air, it was so nice to meet someone that was
and is so genuine, and so genuinely loves life. There are no pretenses, no prejudgements, no girly snobbery, just a girl who wants to have fun in life, and certainly knows how to have fun in life. We hit it off straight away and even I couldn't believe how I could so comfortably spend so much time with someone that I had just met. Since returning from Glasto, Paris and Newq we have pretty much hung out everyday, doing what we like and loving every minute of it.

So despite ruining my shoulders and potentially having to spend a few weeks in a sling, the past month has been full of sheer brilliance.

Glastonbury is actually another world, a world everyone should experience.

Paris is a beautiful city, a city that deserves 3 days of any ones time

Newquay stag doos are not my cup of tea in the slightest, but is something I think everyone should have the chance to experience,

and the company of Sarah Youen is something I hope will continue, for I feel we have many more adventures to come.

Lets see what the future holds...

Friday, 8 July 2011


Well, Ive only received half of my exam results so far but this is how they stand

377 = 59.25%
379 = 57.30%
388 = 65%
389 = 62%

So thats a 2:1 for my dissertation which Im pretty happy with. It also means that im currently averaging above 57% in all my modules which means I am on track to get a 2:1 overall.

I just wish dad was here, I wish a could call him and tell him the news, he would be so proud, I want to hear him say he is proud of me. I know he will be, I know he is, but I want him here, I want to tell him to his face and give him a hug. Writing on my arm everyday seems to have paid off so far, looks like I need to keep doing it to get me through my next set of exams.

Fingers crossed, this is for you Dad.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Broken Again

As usual my streak of good luck and fortune has been stunted by more bad luck.

I don't know the degree to which this blog is actually viewed by people, and so the seriousness of certain facts being shared on here are suddenly amplified. As a result there may be a degree of ambiguity in this post purely because it is in my best interest that I do not share with you the full story, or certain facts.

Read into the following how you prefer.

I was paint balling the other day, when I fell and dislocated my shoulder. I was completely gutted. Ive just spent 5 months re rehabilitating my left shoulder and now, I go and fall over and dislocate the right shoulder. That is a god sent (arguable) that I did not dislocate the left one, but I have still been left with two dodgy shoulders, the left is tender, the right having been fully dislocated is very tender and painful. Interestingly the left is actually giving me some trouble and feels like it keeps subluxing or something, every now and again I have to freeze and gently manoeuvre my shoulder back into place, or at least that is what it feels like.

This is what it looked like after my fall.

Looks fucked doesn't it.
After some entenox, morphine and a sedative, I awoke to find my shoulder back in the correct position and feeling so so much more comfortable. I have a fracture clinic appointment this Friday and physio this coming Monday so fingers crossed Ive only put myself back 2 months max.

I should still be fine to drive and do my job this summer as well, so that's good, and I did manage to fit in a cheeky surf before this happened, but still, what the hell is up with me and my streak of bad luck, will it ever end?

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