Saturday, 28 December 2013

What is ''Normal' to you?

"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.” 

This woman knows her shit, and styles the suggestive zombie state that we can often slip into...for the rest of our lives very well.

This is one of the motivations behind my decision to chase what I WANT to do, not what I CAN do, despite the implications of money, and returning to education. 

If my career revolved around what I CAN do, excluding bikes and surfing, I'd be raking leaves, I'm fucking good at raking leaves. But I don't WANT that. I want to help others through the shit I've been through in the last four years of my life.


Because what are YOU going to regret on your death bed?

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Biology A Level

Well finally some action regarding my 'Career'. Having talked about maybe going back to Uni and studying Physiotherapy for over a year now, I have initiated the first step and enrolled myself on a home study Biology A Level course. I need a B in Biology to get accepted onto any Physiotherapy Undergraduate course, I don't for a MSC, however even I do choose to apply for an MSC, having Biology will probably be a massive help.

So there we go, I'm going back to study, I've just got to be self disciplined, knuckle down, and get an A Level by June 2014.

Wish me luck!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Fuck everything

I want to go back here were the 'real world' stands still, and all that matters is surfing.

Instead, I'm in the UK, fighting a losing battle trying to work out what the fuck to do with my life, waxing and waining from job to job, idea to idea. Nothing sticks, because nothing holds my attention for that long. Back to that oh so familiar feeling of having no direction. 

Oh joy.

Go here? Go there? Do this? Do that? Stay here; have money, go there; have no money. Money for this, money for that, time for this, time for that. 

Fuck it, at least I can sleep. 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Morocco 1


Just had the best sunset surf on a right reef break.

Getting right in the pocket on my back hand, looking down the line to see the wave on fire with a red glow of the sunset behind it. The wave breaking as I ride it with little bits of spray lit up, orange, red and yellow.

Perfect, a moment I won't forget for a long time

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


My board is all prepped and ready for the flight. A whole week of surfing, man I'm so 'stoked' for this!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Travis Pastrana

I was watching 'X Games The Movie' a few nights ago, man oh man did it bring back some memories. 

There are so many brilliant quotes, and the amount of monumental, history making footage is just staggering. But one quote, or words of wisdom that really stuck in my mind came from one of the biggest legends out there...

...Travis Pastrana.

"I love being thrown in the deep end, and sink or swim, ok you sink, well try something else, you swim, man that was awesome, try something else!"

Just simple, Pastrana terms!

The King of progression. Never back down.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Only surfers understand...

...the lushous smell of a new wettie

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cold Turkey

Never have I felt such an overwhelming desire to get out on my bike. I've not ridden properly for almost a month. Ill for two weeks,  last week here in London. I'm still here now, and I need to escape, I feel edgy and restless, like an addict twitching, waiting for their next hit.

I'm going cold turkey, as ridiculous as that seems.

All I want is that feeling of the open road ahead of me, the challenge of a hill climb, the thrill of a decent. Or the process of unloading my mountain bike, putting my pads on, and that first decent at Hopton, skipping over roots, cutting berms, and flowing jumps.

I compensate here in London and go for a run in a suburbanised park. It isn't enough...

...I've forgotten what it's like to be exhilarated by speed.

I've ground to a halt.

Friday, 18 October 2013


I think I've finally narrowed down what I want to do with my life. Something in the bike industry, or something like physiotherapy/sports massage/personal trainer. Or both. I'd rather help people get better and feel better, then help them get richer.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Gawton Gravity Hub

Well by the looks of it this blog is becoming more about photos that writing, seems like I'm getting a bit lazy really.

A few weekends ago I finally managed to hook up with some riding buddies from Plymouth. We got in a solid days riding at the Gawton Gravity Hub, which was pretty scary, but super fun. I've been riding trails for months, and not really anything that is classed as proper downhill, so to be suddenly following my buddies down a downhill track, on my enduro bike, whilst they smash it on dh bikes was certainly an experience.

The old girl held up very well though.

We made full use of the Gawton Gravity Hub uplift system, which ran so smoothly. We paid £15 for 7 uplifts which was enough for us to be honest. I was really impressed by how steady the trailer held the bikes. Last time I used an uplift system my bike got beaten up so bad, so it was nice to be safe in the knowledge that my bike was going to look exactly the same at the top of the hill, and the bottom. However a few scratches were added from some sniper rocks and over the bar moments.

I only rode Proper Job and HSD. Proper Job was new to me, and I must say it was way more fun than I was expecting. Jumps, Hips, Drops, Rocks, and of course Gawtons staple Berms. It wasn't too bad on the Pitch either, it would have been faster and more comfortable on a dh bike, but it was still very fun on the short travel beast.

Overall, Gawton made for a great day out, it was easy to get to, well priced, and ran very smoothly. I know I'm certainly looking forward to heading back there as soon I just need to source a dh bike!

Friday, 4 October 2013


After a long long time, I'm finally getting the chance to ride with my old riding buddies from Uni times! This is going to be epic, though I HAVE to keep myself in one piece!!

Wish me luck!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hereford Life

Nothing like an unsheduled break from your bike ride...courtesy of the cows. This gives me an idea... #herefordlife

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Dinner for two with Ben. Talking jobs, hooting owls, and keen for Keane.

Thursday, 5 September 2013


That's all riding is, you, a bike, and the terrain. A canvas to create something awesome, a showground to express how you feel, reflected in your riding.

A place to escape, a place to be lost.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Office Space

This job does have its benefits. #myoffice

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Front Row Seat.

Southampton Docks.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Jack of all trades

Well what a failure, I left home last November adamant that I was not coming back, yet here I am, 9 months later, back in Herefordshire.

I worked hard for a company, did what I was told and made the most of every experience I was exposed to, but after 9 months there was no where I could go (not through lack of trying). So in one fowl swoop I have hit nearly every new crappy political 'stereotype' going. I'm officially a 'Boomeranging', 'Emergent Service Worker' on a 'Zero Hour Contract'. Brilliant, but wait a minute, Zero Hour contracts are all I've ever known! Today is no different.

This month, I've mostly bin'...Labouring.

No nothing political this time, just labouring on a building site, a 'Jack of all Trades', eating 'Bait' and generally doing sod all.The stereotype of a builder, or building site goes something like this...

...Builders don't really do a lot, they seem to spend most of their time drinking tea and wolf-whistling at anything that walks with tits...

I can confirm that this is 100% true. The aim of the game on the building site, (at least for a few anyway) is to work as slowly as possible, do as little as possible, and break as often as you do fart, belch or swear, which being a builder, is a dime a dozen. I found it amazing in my first week how everyone was so relaxed, so nonchalant about work, yet as soon as the foreman arrives on site...

'...fucking hell Dickhead is here, quick lads look busy, grab a shovel or something'

We go from standing around listening to the radio, trying to guess that 'T.V Show in Reverse' theme tune, to frantically looking busy, even if it simply means pointing at something completely random and looking as if you are engaged in conversation and making very important decisions. I was blown away by the whole show. How can people be so lazy...I must admit it is wearing off on me.

From this...
Rupert (no associated bear) has been great to work with though, his conversations managed to both raise the level of intellect and completely destroy it all in one go. One minute we are talking economics, the next we are creating sexually explicit limericks about the boss.Well I've always been one for experience, and this has, and still is proving to be one I won't forget in a hurry. I have learnt a fair amount too, not only has my vocabulary for Vagina increased ten fold, but I now know a thing or two about building a house. That's not to say I'm going to build a house any time soon, or start calling a vagina a 'Badly Wrapped Kebab', but hey, knowledge is knowledge right?

                                                                    End. this.

This is England 2013

Welcome to the jungle.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I hope...

...and not society.

Monday, 19 August 2013


         'Follow your Heart...or was it Gut?'

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Went wakeboarding last week...subluxed my shoulder. Things were going so well, I guess that serves me right for letting the gym slip.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Fathers Day Dad

Tell your Dad how much he means to you every day, not just today, because you never know when he'll be taken from you. Happy Farthers Day Dad. Miss you as much as ever.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


What a beaut.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Torrets and Lycra

I've just done my first road ride with a group, and I have to say I felt like I was riding on a different planet with a bunch of torrets sufferers. I did enjoy it though. Everyone was lycra clad, looking pro, I turned up in my board shorts and a t shirt.

The 27 miles consisted of everyone snotting on each other, pointing at pot holes, and shouting about cars. All very helpful, but really quite amusing. In between dodging potholes, flailing limbs and projectile snot I actually managed to enjoy it. The route was good with some nice climbs, but it would have been nice to average a slightly quicker pace.

My balls decided to go their own way and felt like there were trying to escape out of my scrotum, and my stem is probably too long as my neck aches, but all in all it was pretty good.

I need to get down with the lingo though


                                    "Car back"

"Car up"




Basically I need to just cycle around and instead of relax, just shout about everything I see.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Full Circle

Well, here we are again, I havnt blogged in quite a while to be honest, however there has been one thing that has stuck in my mind over the last couple of weeks/months that I feel is worth a mention. My riding has doubled ten fold. Bikes have always been one of the main topics on this here blog, primarily because it was always bicycles that got me broken into above average pieces!

So it seems fitting to report that I may just have finally gone 'full circle'. I'm fit, riding bikes again, and loving it.

I've been exercising that illuive self control and not going full speed on the gravity fed stuff, and I've been pacing my self on the road. Combine all that with some gym work and I'm feeling strong. I think it's been one year three months since my last shoulder op.

Here are some photos of my bike antics from the last couple of months.

Always wear protection ;)

Hopton was, and still is my training ground, it was here I got back into my flow, and got some pace back. Fun pace :)

A perfect sunny day at Hopton


My stint in Lincoln, where the only hill was a road to a Cathedral lead me to purchase something more practical.

My first road bike

 Putting in lots of miles means when it comes to riding with friends, I'm not nackered after half an hour! 

Heading out with Will and Foz

So in all, I'm back to where I want to be; riding bikes and enjoying it. I've even got some new challenges lined up which is exciting to plan, train for and talk about! 

So there you have it, a full circle from happy rider, to down and out, to back on it. You can break my bones and rip my muscles, but I will always return, never back down, and never be without a bike.

Never give up


Friday, 26 April 2013

Well I've just had the shittest working day ever. I've failed at everything I've tried to do, hashed everything, and even after my colleagues had sought pitty in on and helped me out, I was still up shot creak with out a paddle. I have embarrassed and ashamed at how poorly I've handled the day. I wasn't the greatest fan of my grandfather so I didn't think the fact that it was his funeral today would effect me that much, it would seem, on some level, it has. I think it has brought up feelings about dad, and combined with a rather lonely existence in Yorkshire, and a job that is not taking me in the direction I want it to has all contributed to my complete failure as a human being today. I am angry that I have lost my father, I am angry that my family is disappearing and I am angry at how lonely that makes me feel. no problem was a real problem when I had my farther at the end of the telephone,now that I don't, everything is a problem,and that tires me no end. I've let myself down and I've let my colleagues down, and I'm sorry.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gym Experience #2

Under no circumstances should you spare more than a glance, and second glance at a girls ass, no matter how unbelievably good it looks in that tight lycra, for her boyfriend is undoubtedly looking on from across the gym and will make it his mission to insure you have no chance what so ever of using the machines you want any time soon.

STOP IT! I lost count of my plank time!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Gym experience #1

Gym experience #1...Full of dickheads, don't go at 5:45pm. Brilliant.

For example, I walked over to the cables and started adjusting them to use. Suddenly a guy behind me who is doing weights with some dumbells says:

'I'm using that'
Me: "You're using this?" (pointing at the cables not in use)
Me "You're using this machine that's not in use right now (looking at machine then him holding weights)
Me: "ooook then"

10 minutes later and the guy is stood next to the machine doing weights and I try again.

"We're using that machine"
Me: "there's no one on it right now"
Man: "We're working in pairs"
I mean what the actual fuck. You are stood next to a machine and are clearly not using it as you are doing bicep curls! You absolute dickhead. Annoyingly this guy was rather hench and right now, would probably beat the living crap out of me. So I'm going to just have to moan in silence until either a) I get bigger than him, or b) he learns to share. That will be the latter then!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


So Natalie and I visited Edinburgh last month for a well deserved break, and it really was a brilliant get away and escape from the daily grind, so much so I thought I would write a little spiel about the city.

Natalie had been to the city before, but I've never ventred further than the borders so the excitement and anticipation of a new city was pretty fresh, and I certainly was excited. The train journey from Lincoln was pretty long, (fair play to Nat coming from London!) offering distinctly average views out of the window. But as soon as we past Newcastle the coast started to come alive, dramatic rocks scoring the coast line, facing up to the relentlessness of the north sea, broken only by two very picturesque towns clinging to small hills, with boats dotting the calm waters in front of the towns sea wall. A quick role inland and before you know it the Firth of Forth is to your right and your minutes away from Edinburgh.
Old Town style.

Now I knew absolutely sod all about the city before we arrived so I was more than happy to get right into tourist mode from day one. Hungry from the train ride we ventured out of the station and headed in the general direction of our accommodation which was situated in the 'New Town' area of the city. On the way over we diverted down 'Rose Street' which is full of individual cafes and bars. We hit up 'The Filling Station', and being our first meal in Scotland, went straight for Aberdeen Angus burgers, and scotch...naturally. I can definitely recommend this place for food if you are after good solid food that is going to leave you full to the brim and satisfied for the rest of the day.

Our accommodation was a ten minute walk from the centre, on Eyre place, this little apartment is awesome! It's comes with everything you need, had a mega comfy double bed, and sofa that you can sink into after a long day of exploring the city, and amazing views out of the window of the Castle. There is a Tesco not far around the corner so you can get any items you may need for cooking and there are even some brilliant restaurants near by. If you are going to stay in the city and dont want tobe right in the centre, but still want to be within walking distance and are after something with a bit more rustic style than a Future Inn; then this is the place. Another benefit is that you get to explore the 'New Town' area every time you walk anywhere, so you basically walk around old Victorian roads, cobbled streets and parks, all designed in a typically grand style.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, and the opposite end of the city for that matter, is the 'Old Town' district. The regimented rows of houses with large open streets that make up the New Town are soon replaced with a haphazard layout, small alleys and narrow streets, yet still space for more grand buildings, churches and spires all under the watchful eye of the all seeing Castle. The 'Royal Mile' stretches out from the Castle for, uhh, a mile, all the way down to the Parliament buildings at the base of Arthurs seat.
View North East from Arthurs Seat
This is a great walk, and if you are feeling energetic enough then climbing Arthurs' seat, (which is a large hill created by volcanic activity) you will be rewarded with 360 degree views of the area. It's quite amazing to see the city, how much it sprawls, the vast expanse of the Firth of Forth and the infamous Forth Bridge shining in the distance which is well worth a visit (a short train ride from central Edinburgh to Dalmeny) especially during a good sunset, and there is a good cafe there which we soon discovered did amazing hot chocolate and millionaires shortbread.
Forth Bridge

The Zoo is actually pretty good and well worth a visit, if not just for the Pandas, and the Scottish National Museum is also a must stop, though we were way too tired to really appreciate it, despite the efforts of the guy at the cafe giving me a triple hit of expresso coffee.

There's probably so much more to see and do in Edinburgh, and that's one of the reasons it impressed me so much. I think it's great that you can visit a city for four days and see as much as you can and yet know that next time you go back there is still so much more to see. The city is pretty big, and to get around you will have to pretty much walk everywhere, (granted we didn't really exploit the bus system that much) but a tram system is being put in place right now. The contrast of 'Old' and 'New' split with large green open spaces, topped with perhaps one of the most rewarding view points a city could have; Edinburgh really does have a lot to offer.

So if you are thinking about where to go for your next weekend break, I would seriously consider Edinburgh. But be aware, you will be letting yourself in for lots of walking, it will probably be bitterly cold too, but if you can look past that then the city will reward you with fantastic views, some serious history lessons, and if you know where to go, some divine food. So what are you waiting for?


Forth Bridge


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fizzy Drink Tax.

That's right, you sit back and abuse your body with fizzy drinks as well as alcohol, fags, other illicit drugs and I'll just fund your rehabilitation and corrective surgery out of my back pocket. You bone idle, waste of sperm cretins. Oh wait, this should be directed at the government too right?!

The demise of this country is now.

Final thought...Why don't we simply tax Fat People?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Where? What? Now?

Motivated by my hero, but so misguided without him.

I feel lost.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Cycling to work really is pretty amazing. It's taken me two days to get the timing right, and I'm still drying myself after a shower with a t shirt as well as drying my hair under the hand blower, but put these minor details aside and I'm doing it, I'm cycling to work and I'm loving it.

Waking up at 6:30am is pretty tough, fighting the inner demons that are telling you your warm car with heated leather seats will be so much better for your arse is a true test of character. As if simply getting out of bed wasn't tough enough, but to jump on a mountain bike and cycle ten miles to work...preposterous! Once I'm up and riding though, things are totally different,  the wheels are turning, the legs are working and the cobwebs are most certainly blown away. The heart starts to beat hard, blood is flowing into every part of my body, and it reminds me that I am alive, it's invigorating. Though not long into my journey that I'm feeling alive, I find my self fighting to stay alive all together.

Cars are heading towards me in all different directions, and when I finally hit the cycle path I find myself sharing it with other cyclists, pedestrians and various other animals from Pugs to Horses. Soon I am whizzing past everyone, angry motorists look on in disgust "How dare he overtake me on his pesky bicycle" - I can just imagine them thinking that whilst they are seething in their half mile long traffic jam. I drop a gear and pedal hard; I've got to look quick, I've got to look like I'm putting some serious effort in here!

I pull into work, a glorious sight, searching the car park in hope of someone spotting me and acknowledging my efforts, no one is looking on but this is a silent victory for me, I feel great. I walk into work proud of my efforts, sweaty, muddy, I look an absolute state amongst the suits but head held high with pride.

I packed a few shirts, boxers and socks in my bag so I wouldn't have to keep brining my bag, but I completely forgot to pack a towel! I realise this as I'm stood stark bollock naked in the changing rooms, no going back now. I strategically place a t shirt by the shower, this will be my make shift towel! From a triumphant high to an all time low...I'm completely naked and hunched under the hand drier trying to dry my hair with a t shirt askew on my back. I suddenly feel like a homeless person having a freshen up in public toilets.

This is the thing about cycling to work, you feel righteous and above everyone who has driven to work, yet at the same time you feel like a tramp living out of a plastic bag. At least my dignity is reformed when I don my shirt, trousers, shoes and tie and head up stairs to work. My colleagues are none the wiser, but inside I'm ecstatic with the days' events...and it's only eight in the morning!

So what are you waiting for...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Happy Birthday Dad.

I miss you more now than I ever have. Happy Birthday Dad.

Friday, 18 January 2013


Quite a lot happened in 2012, yet at the same time it feels like quite a lot, well, didn't.

Let's see, I had more surgery on my shoulder, finally got back into riding bikes with a great deal of self control exercised, went through about five different jobs, bought a car, had a car crash, got a tattoo, made my first ever proper cake, told some secrets, spread dads ashes, had a photo shoot, swam in a freezing cold lake, started trampolining, bacame a pedi cab driver for a few months, oh and started 'dating', 'going out with' Natalie Walker; most certainly the best part of 2012.

There is still a niggling that 2012 was a year of preparation  I guess because I spent yet another four months rehabilitating my shoulder just so I could work, but also, I don't know, there was nothing in terms of holiday to look forward to or, actually I know what it was, it was the shit weather we had. Yet the more I think about 2012 the more memories I have of fun things, they all seem tainted though, but brilliant none the less.

The first part of the year really was a bit of a non starter. Another shit January morning the loss of Dad, followed by shoulder surgery and a frustrating few months at home, the 'summer' provided endless rain and back to back days of long hours in the van just to climb out of a bottomless pit of debt. That was until Nat and I properly started seeing each other, then everything suddenly became worth while and life had meaning again. Experiences are ten fold better when shared, and I am so great full I have such an amazing, caring, fun and beautiful girlfriend to share things with. So maybe then, 2012's purpose was simply a build up to 2013, which I think is going to be the best year in well, years.

This blog is now in it's forth year I believe, and it really is incomprehensible just how much bad luck I have had, and only believable when you flick back through the archive, but believe me it's all there, a life time of bad luck in a mere four years. But times are changing. Enough of talk before I jinx myself into more bad luck. Have a look at my highlights...

Goodbye 2012, you have served your purpose, Happy 2013.

Remembering my best friend and inspiration for everything in life was first on my list.

Freedom at last.
Sums up the trip with Foz.

Whitby at its greatest.

Shiny happy.

Go on number 1! Taken by Joe Horton.

Tour. a moment...somewhere.


A special day.

A resting place at last.

The Lakes.

Eye opener.

In deep.


Thanks everyone.

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