Sunday, 13 May 2012

Give me a break

So yesterday I got the all clear from my physio...good result.

However myself and a friend went for a drink, now I don't really want to drink any more, but I did nonetheless and it was good fun.

However at about four in the morning my LEFT shoulder subluxed. Not the RIGHT which I have just got the all clear for.

I mean come on give me a fucking break. I was feeling really good, my shoulders were behaving, I was gymming regularly with no pains at all. Now I have a painful left shoulder which, as past has taught me, will sublux again in the next few days before taking around three weeks to 'settle down'. It's been about 4 months since it last subluxed, I thought it was past that, clearly not. Yet this time there is substantial pain where as before there usually is not.

So now I'm really quite pissed off. This means I have to rehab my left shoulder, I have to be careful when I'm lay in bed, I need to be careful not to move it to quickly, all for fear of it doing it again. Just when everything was starting to piece together.

Fuck My Life.

Perhaps I can spin this into a positive?

Perhaps it is a sign that all though I have been given the all clear, I should get the rest of my body 110% before I do anything else? Well I don't have much choice in the matter now.

Cheers Shoulders, You pair of useless cunts.

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