Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I've just got my car back from the garage.

New Air flow meter, Wash jets', pipes and valves, labour and VAT all came to £411.78.

Was it worth it? I was doubting it all until just now, I've just come back from the gym, I booted the car home, the engine feels like it's had a new lease of life, now whether that was me cleaning the throttle body, or the new air flow meter (probably the latter) I don't know, but shiiit did it make a difference! 

I pulled out of the Weobley turn onto the main road and floored it up to 60mph in about 6 seconds before hitting 95mph, bouncing off the red in every gear until I ran out of road. Funnily enough a few seconds later my fuel light came on, which was quite apt I thought. So there I was cruising at 80mph on the way home, corning like the car is on rails and finally a smile breaks through my stubborn scowl. 

So for the luxury of being able to do that, despite having to dip into savings to keep my car running, I think it was worth it. But just in case there was any doubt...

Before I carry on I should clear some points up otherwise this won't make much sense. So essentially my windscreen washers haven't worked since I bought the car (the jets not wipers) which proved to make long journeys quite interesting, by the by I have coped for 4 months, yet only recently decided to get them fixed.

It was on the way to the gym that I realised I had fully operational wipers. Well just acknowledging this phenomenon turned me into an over excited 5 year old in a toy store and that was before I even tried them out. This is so lame, but in that second I had a massive smile on my face, I was so excited to try out my windscreen wipers. There certainly wasn't any anti climax, I turned them on,  (I can just hear the innuendos in my mind now, sorry) and instantly fluid was spraying out the jets covering the entire windscreen...

...I'm not going to lie, I laughed out loud in hysteria...ALOT. 

Haters Gunna' Hate, but I love my car, regardless of whether you do or not, It makes me Smile, and you should hold onto the things in life that make you smile, because they can often be few and far between.

My car makes me SMILE, so for now it is staying :)

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