Monday, 18 March 2013

Gym experience #1

Gym experience #1...Full of dickheads, don't go at 5:45pm. Brilliant.

For example, I walked over to the cables and started adjusting them to use. Suddenly a guy behind me who is doing weights with some dumbells says:

'I'm using that'
Me: "You're using this?" (pointing at the cables not in use)
Me "You're using this machine that's not in use right now (looking at machine then him holding weights)
Me: "ooook then"

10 minutes later and the guy is stood next to the machine doing weights and I try again.

"We're using that machine"
Me: "there's no one on it right now"
Man: "We're working in pairs"
I mean what the actual fuck. You are stood next to a machine and are clearly not using it as you are doing bicep curls! You absolute dickhead. Annoyingly this guy was rather hench and right now, would probably beat the living crap out of me. So I'm going to just have to moan in silence until either a) I get bigger than him, or b) he learns to share. That will be the latter then!

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