Thursday, 20 February 2014


If my plan works out, 

I will have a career that I can do anywhere in the world, that I can make work for the lifestyle I crave.

I can practise where the mountains are high enough to bike and board, and where the waves are consistent enough to surf year round. 

I can live and work the dream. :)

...and on that bombshell its back to the Biology study!


  1. Hi Jack,

    I saw your post on the death and dying forum. I lost my father on Monday. I am mostly frustrated by the lack of sites that allow us to share what we need to in the grieving process. Thank you for sending me to your blog. I love the pictures and your spirit. It made me smile, which I needed today. Keep reaching for the dream!! Cheers, Diana

    1. Glad it helped you in some way and made you smile :) xx


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