Monday, 30 June 2014

Biology A Level Update

Back in December, I decided to stop just talking about Physiotherapy and actually take some action.

I enrolled on a Biology A Level in January, knowing that I would have to sit all my exams inly 4-5 months later, in May and June.

Well, I have finally finished my A Level, and I can honestly say, it was up there as being one of the most intense periods of my life, simply because I was working a full time job most of the time, leaving only evenings to study, and weekends to see Natalie.

This was tough!

Now I am finished, I come home from work and rejoice that I do not have to study for three hours before I can finally have some me time. Ironically, now I have free evenings, I have picked up a Physiotherapy book, which can only be a good sign right?

If my grade is a 'B' then UWE will accept me, and off I trot to Bristol. If I dont get a 'B' then I have no idea what to do.

I've learnt a great deal in the last 5 months, not just about Biology, but also that my passion for learning remains, and my grit and determination, as well as self discipline and control is ever present!

Lets just hope I worked hard enough to get that B grade, otherwise this will all be rather embarrassing, not to mention a complete waste of time and money! ha

Big thank you to everyone who has supported me and understood why I have had to turn down lots of fun things recently. Of course a massive thank you to Natalie for putting up with me too :)

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