Sunday, 17 October 2010

Night Terror

so much has happened since i came back from europe with my friends, i dont even know where to start. As you (yes i'm still assuming someone out there is reading all this) will know i started this blog to document a seemingly negative streak of activites, and there have been plenty of those that's for sure.

Let me set the scene of my recent misfortunes.

Its 2:05 in the morning and im coming to you from my bed as roughly an hour ago i just experienced my first ever "night terror" or at least thats what i think it was. I had taken some Tramadol at 8:00pm and then took two more at 12 middnight. I can only assume that this night terror was a bi product of those drugs. As i was drifting off to sleep i was aware i was having some nasty pre dreams in what is called a hypnogogic state. i saw a very sinister looking man, skin head beard and im pretty sure i witnessed i hung person. This was very scary yet as i wasnt fully asleep i awoke peacfully and put tried to think of happy things. However everytime i drifted off i had these negative dreams. It became appaernt it was the medication and before like i was thinking to myself thiat it was going to be a long night. Here i am an hour later after an abbrupt awkening from a dream/nightmare/night terror.

Im not entirly sure what it was, i dont remember vivid images or anything of clarity, all i know is i got this sence of something closing in on me whilst i was still dreaming and once it closed in on me i awoke. i did the stereotypical nightmare motion of going from horizontal to sitting bolt up right in about a second. I was immediatly immersed with a great sense of terror and fear and irrationally i ran to me door turned the lights on and entered the corridor hoping one of my flat mates was there. It was at this point i became aware of my breathing, i was breathing rapidly, like id just done a 100 metre sprint. With no one in the corridor i text my friend who i can assume was asleep upstairs and returned to my room and turned my computer on. Thankfully about 30minutes later my flat mate came back from a gig and i was able to talk to him for a while before returning to bed. Now im sat in bed typing this, and as i type im finding myself wondering over and over "what the hell was all that about?!"

Ive has nightmares, i wake up, they are not pleasent and i feel uneasy, but i never run to my door pettrified and very emotional. This is something completly new to me and is something i do not want to experience again.

Why am i on Tramadol? that would be my broken Clavicle. But i will talk about that in a seperate post as I want to include a picture.

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  1. just remember i woke up saying " woh woh woh what the fuck what the fuck"


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