Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I woke up to the sound of woodpeckers and cuckoos this morning. I've showered, eaten, and sat down at my desk.

I've opened the window. The clouds are lining up in uniform, regimenting the brilliant blue behind it, the greens of the trees are a steady glow, and the foreground of my view is filled with blossom. Pink from a tree to my right, and floating effortlessly from the left to the right is small fluffy blossom carried on a breeze from a tree that simply resembles a giant dandy lion. The wind breeches my window every now and then and carries in a few pieces of tree fluff which enter and float down before settling. Fleet Foxes - Mykonos orchestrates this sight for now, but in between tracks the birds have their say, chiff chaff, chirp accompanied by the bristling wind in the trees. Green, blue, white, pink.

I feel lucky today, lucky to be alive, lucky to have my health, because none of this means anything to anyone, if you do not have your health.

I'm appreciating it, for as long as I'm appreciating things I will not worry for my own mental health.


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