Sunday, 3 April 2011


So many missed opportunities. I hate myself for it.

Three years of uni gone in a flash.

If I could re do it, I would change so much.

I wish I had 'no regrets'. Right now my entire life feels like a massive regret.

Getting out of bed in the morning is going to suck.

I drank so much drink, smoked so much hash.

I rode my bike too much and destroyed my head.

I looked romance square in the face and saw straight through it.

I wandered through uni doing what I wanted to do.

I wandered through uni by myself.

Three years of uni, felt like one year in a haze.

Nothing holds up for you, the good moments never last long enough.

Tomorrow will be another day of the same shit.

It feels like I see regret everywhere I look.

Everything I do is tainted with bad luck.

I regret Vodka, I regret riding so much downhill, I regret many people, Houses, Choosing a uni so far away.

so much regret that I regret myself.

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I started this Blog to document the amazing streak of bad luck I was having throughout 2010, I'd like to think my luck has changed for 2011...time will tell.