Thursday, 7 July 2011

Broken Again

As usual my streak of good luck and fortune has been stunted by more bad luck.

I don't know the degree to which this blog is actually viewed by people, and so the seriousness of certain facts being shared on here are suddenly amplified. As a result there may be a degree of ambiguity in this post purely because it is in my best interest that I do not share with you the full story, or certain facts.

Read into the following how you prefer.

I was paint balling the other day, when I fell and dislocated my shoulder. I was completely gutted. Ive just spent 5 months re rehabilitating my left shoulder and now, I go and fall over and dislocate the right shoulder. That is a god sent (arguable) that I did not dislocate the left one, but I have still been left with two dodgy shoulders, the left is tender, the right having been fully dislocated is very tender and painful. Interestingly the left is actually giving me some trouble and feels like it keeps subluxing or something, every now and again I have to freeze and gently manoeuvre my shoulder back into place, or at least that is what it feels like.

This is what it looked like after my fall.

Looks fucked doesn't it.
After some entenox, morphine and a sedative, I awoke to find my shoulder back in the correct position and feeling so so much more comfortable. I have a fracture clinic appointment this Friday and physio this coming Monday so fingers crossed Ive only put myself back 2 months max.

I should still be fine to drive and do my job this summer as well, so that's good, and I did manage to fit in a cheeky surf before this happened, but still, what the hell is up with me and my streak of bad luck, will it ever end?

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