Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The more I think about writing in here, the more difficult it becomes to find something to write about. Before this recent affair with blogging, I just blogged when something major had happened in my life, so, one would suggest nothing major has happened in my life for a while, well that's kind of true. But I feel like I should blog about other things as well, but then it is this notion that has led me to this sticky situation in which I really don't know what to write about or where to start...

Ironic I know, that I am now blogging about not knowing what to blog about, but it is really starting to bug me and it got me thinking back to a previous blog, and the saying...

...well not a saying but more a philosophical idea...

..."the more we look the less we find"...

Is that just massively sceptical? realistic? Both? Well it got me thinking that this is the essence of writers block, a write needs to write, and it is that necessity to write that drives his or her creative block. Perhaps that is one theory of many anyway. This has all stemmed from my sudden viewing of the programme "Californication" in which a writer moves from New York to Cali with his family. He faces some serious writers block, at least, in-between the small posts on his blog he does make. This character has been sent to Cali to write, surely the pressure to write would create a block?
Perhaps the pressure (totally unnecessary and not even pressure to be fair) that I have put (had put on me?) to write more is creating a block for me. Perhaps I should tone it down a notch, treat my blog how I treated it before; not something I should go to regularly regardless of inspiration, but visit in times of need, want, emotion. After all it is emotion that drives creativeness, emotion that drives life itself. 

Anyway, since when did this blog become about anyone else...that's right it didn't. 

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