Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Torrets and Lycra

I've just done my first road ride with a group, and I have to say I felt like I was riding on a different planet with a bunch of torrets sufferers. I did enjoy it though. Everyone was lycra clad, looking pro, I turned up in my board shorts and a t shirt.

The 27 miles consisted of everyone snotting on each other, pointing at pot holes, and shouting about cars. All very helpful, but really quite amusing. In between dodging potholes, flailing limbs and projectile snot I actually managed to enjoy it. The route was good with some nice climbs, but it would have been nice to average a slightly quicker pace.

My balls decided to go their own way and felt like there were trying to escape out of my scrotum, and my stem is probably too long as my neck aches, but all in all it was pretty good.

I need to get down with the lingo though


                                    "Car back"

"Car up"




Basically I need to just cycle around and instead of relax, just shout about everything I see.


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