Saturday, 4 December 2010

Another post in my 'hide away' blog spot! Only this time, shock horror I haven't broken anything, nope, no broken bones, no torn muscles, i just figured id give my non existent audience an update.
I think its been around 8 weeks since i broke my collar bone, and around 7 since i had surgery. So far things are going well. Ive been seeing a physio once and a while which has undoubtedly helped my shoulder no end, although the last time i went i was given some pretty savage exercises to do. The previous sessions simply involved carrying out assisted exercises, such as lifting my arm above my head with the aid of my other arm. These were, quite honestly piss easy to do, now whether she sensed that i found this easy as pie or not i don't know, but she soon had me doing some more complex exercises.

My most recent involves lying on the floor on my front, relaxing my shoulder blades down and in, and then extending my bad arm out and holding it there for 5 whole minutes! i don't think Ive done it for 5 minutes so so far, and I'm supposed to do this three times a day! what am i supposed to do drop down in the library and Ly there for Min's? I do a standing version in the shower in the mornings though.

So the shoulder is doing well, Physio is fun as the girl, Amie, is very attractive, always a bonus, and as long as i avoid over using my shoulder, I'm on track for my next batch of surgery in March. :)


yes, you read right; Scabies, my flat mate came home today and announced to the house that he might have Scabies, and judging by his skin, id say he does. grrrrreat, so as if my year could not have gone any shittier it looks like I'm probably going to get scabies. or am i? The Internet says its past on via skin to skin contact and generally anything that a mite might (whey) crawl onto. Well in sure a mite isn't going to crawl onto a door handle now will it? So i should be safe as long as i don't, i dunno, go in his room and Ly on his bed, no chance, so if i keep my distance i think i might just survive. Also, they don't like hairy skin, so i should be safe!

What else is going on. Hmm, lots of uni work that is keeping me busy, Ive been home to see dad who is quite ill, (but that's for another post) and there has been a bit of drama about my old house, and indeed the people in the old house, but again i shall save that all up for a nice rant at a later date.


how could i forget, I decided to par-take in Movember this year, which is simply a month of the year in which you don't shave. The raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. Anything that raises awareness of Cancer is a good thing in my books. SO here are some pictures of my effort from the start of the month and the end. I certainly talked a lot more about Prostate Cancer than i ever have before so i guess its a success.


Ok that's all. Watch this Space for a massive rant in the weeks to come about Girls, Shit Housing, being over worked, and much more.


Photos: Whitsand Bay, Our Xmas Tree, Xmas Snowflakes and my Movember efforts

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