Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Funny how dreams can go from being there and existing but not influencing, to suddenly smacking you in the face.

Last night I received a text from my Dad, (in my dream obviously, I'm not going mad) I can see that text so clearly, I can even see every Capital letter and comma. 
He sent me a text saying he was ok, everything was fine and he would be coming out of hospital soon as he had got his VOICE BACK. 
I was so happy in that moment, so so happy and excited to see him. Though, within seconds of waking up, I was crushed, crushed by the ruthlessness of reality. Never have I gone from being so ecstatically happy to so...I've just spend two minutes staring at the screen trying to explain it with words, and I just can't. 

I love you dad. I can't express how much I miss you every single day. 

Now you have your voice back maybe you will talk to me in my dreams.

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