Wednesday, 2 March 2011

1 Month Since Op

Yup, its been one month since I had my second shoulder op.

Ive done 4 weeks in a sling which makes up phase 1 of my re hab!

Phase 2 consisits of no activities that are 'strenious' to my shoulder for 2 months.

In that two months Im hoping to at least be able to get on a bike and cycle to and from Uni, but Im not rushing. Maybe some swimming? Maybe not. Havnt seen my physio yet, but from research on the internet Ive got at least 2 weeks of very basic exercises to do every day.

So then I'm still looking at August for my first surf in, well, a year!

This PDF is really handy for shoulder issues:

This PDF might just become my Bible:

Time Ticks Relentlessly.

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