Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I'm earning fuck all money and living an existence that quite frankly barely counts as existence at all. I exist in that I am just a somebody who works in an office, for fuck all money, goes food shopping, fills the car up, irons shirts and cooks dinner. Fuck my life, has my life become what I have tried so hard to avoid? Predictable and boring? Oh it's Wednesday again so my car and fridge are both empty, thus I must shop again. Oh its the day after Monday and the day before Wednesday so I must iron some more shirts, no wait I forgot to wash them, shit. Worth mentioning that I look fucking good in a shirt though. Creased from bone idleness or not. (Just read this back...I'm such a moany bastard)

Who am I kidding, I swam in this lake last weekend
Yes that is frost in the foreground.
I guess that is a pretty cool (literally) thing to do. It was certainly different and far from predictable and boring. In fact it was liberating, swimming in 7degreeC water makes you feel very alive.

Last night I also went for a very random walk and got some cool shots.

God is watching you.
 This cathedral really is very impressive, so too is it's security system.

 This tree puts on a good spread. I love a good tree I do.

Lincoln Cathedral
 Straight out of a Lonely Planet

Lincoln Windmill
This windmill was on a terrace of houses, for real. I was walking down a street of boring houses, then all of a sudden the houses surrender to this monstrous windmill standing tall, dwarfing everything around it, Lincoln obscurity strikes again.

I guess we all have to be boring now and again, otherwise the extraordinary moments would be nothing more than an extension of the mundane, and nothing would ever be special again. The boring days make the better days, well, better.
Like visiting Marwell zoo with this crazy coconut...
Who doesn't love to mount a Hippo?
A special day, just like swimming in 7degreesC. Special days make you feel alive, very alive, and very happy to be alive. So I guess yet again I have entered a blog with some negativity, blogged about it and found some positivity. 

For every boring mundane moment, there are twice fold special, 7degreeC moments.

What is your next 7degreeC moment going to be?

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