Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The House.

Well I'm in and paying rent in a house in Lincoln. It's not my own house, I'm sharing with a man called Keith at Bendigo Place, no no not Bendigo in Australia, Bendigo of lonesome Lincoln. 

Bendigo of Oz would be way cooler
Keith is cool. He is big, friendly and helpful and keeps himself to himself, playing with his miniature modern railways and listening to the Archers. For someone so large he never seems to cook and the house is always very tidy, which is brilliant but kind of puts more pressure on me to keep it looking clean and tidy! He's also got a massive T.V, 3D might I add, which has never struck me as much of a big deal, until a frog jumped into my lap from the depths of the t.v screen whilst listening to the dulcet tones of David Attenborough. I couldn't believe it! This scene of frogs hopping around and almost out of the screen at you was truly amazing, all in full HD as well, mind blown! I feel like I'm treading on egg shells a lot though, making sure things are left as they are found, the shelves in the fridge have enough space, the kettle is the right way around, and my music isn't too loud. Do I keep my door open to be social? Well at least I offer him cups of tea which is something, and after all I'm paying to be here. 

Lincoln Common across the road
Anyway, So I'm 10mins by bike from the nice part of Lincoln, the common, and the side full of students and only 20mins by car to work, so everything is pretty peachy. Though I must say trying to live off a wage that is less that 'living wage' is pretty much impossible for anyone who likes to pursue, well, a life. If I had no hobbies, illegally downloaded music and films and dived supermarket bins for food and stole clothes from the homeless then perhaps just maybe I might be ok. Alas, I like to go to the cinema, and go swimming, and go the gym, and all sorts of other stuff which sadly involves money and that means that living off less than basic living wage is depressingly close to a loss per month...

...Oh silly me for wanting to earn my money the honest way, I should have just joined the growing number of freeloaders in this society expecting something for nothing, claiming benefits left right and centre and playing the system. Dirty, just dirty. Saying that I'm entitled to housing benefits? or is that only if I buy? I have no idea.

Ha, I've just run down stairs to check my new shirt hasn't been put in the tumble drier as it cost ££, and Keith the BK HERO has hung it up to dry separately. Awesome. Things look to be ok here, the shower is cold but that is getting fixed soon, other than that it's all gravy.

Now to meet some new people...

Did I mention how fucking awesome Lincolns Cathedral is?

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