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Nero Essential Mix

I cannot stress just how much I love this mix. Ive listened to it in various moods, and its safe to say that this is one of the few pieces of music (yes I am labeling this a piece of music) that I have heard that you can listen to in any mood, will affect you in any mood, and leave you feeling better from whatever mood you were in in the first place.

I must admit the best time to listen to this is when your High or Highly emotional (pissed off or very happy). Ive read many many comments about listening to music when your high and how it sounds "jizztastic" and is like an "eargasm". What a load of shit I used to think to myself. But then I found myself to be in a particularly certain mood after I had had a shit day, in fact probably week, and subsequently was having a shit month. Anyway I often turn to music for reassurance and to generally improve my mood. On this low night in Plymouth, I put this mix on.

Now It may have been because I was in a fowl mood, or whatever, but whatever it was, this whole mix was taken to another level. For me the bet part is from 00:00 to around 30:00 which only covers the first 10 songs but of those ten songs there are some absolute classics, Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop, The Streets – In The Middle (Nero Remix), and Plan B – The Recluse (Nero Remix). 16:12 when that tune drops, that was the pinnacle of my night in a certain mood*and listening to DUB, this song just takes over, I'm not going to try and explain it as I'd sound like a knob, but I'm not going to condone smoking pot or whatever gets you high and listening either, as I still believe getting high is very bad for you.

After the first ten minutes the mix takes on a different genre any becomes less DUBStep and more standard DUB and electro, there are many tunes worth hearing from Nero and Daft Punk amongst others, however it is worth skipping to, and listening from 63:00 as you will soon pic up the epic mix of Muse - Exogensis Pt2.
Again I don't know all that much about music but managing to put such an amazing, symphonic piece of music into what is ultimately a drum and bass mix is unbelievable, and to make it work so well just shows what sort of a level Nero are working on, its music mastery surely.

The transition from Muse Exogensis Pt2 through to The Who - Baba O'Riley is in itself a masterpiece. From here it just gets better and better as Nero go on to mix chooons from Beastie Boys, Swedish House Mafia, DC Breaks, Sub Focus, Magnetic Man and of course Nero themselves. For example 83;00 - Swedish House Mafia One through to Sigma Paint it Black with the aid of Netsky of course is unreal.

I know many people, indeed a lot of my friends simply don't like this genre of music, and that is fair enough, but there is still no denying how well thought out and put together this mix is. In my opinion there are parts that I skip, but overall I cant get enough of this mix. Nero don't just mix songs like anyone else, they take it to a completely different level, they can make seamless, smooth transitions that sound perfect, and at the other end of the scale can make a sudden drop sound just as seamless. Random example
Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites to Nero - This Way.

I could go on but my shoulder hurts like a bitch, through out writing this I have been trying to think of a real criticism, well there arnt any really, except maybe that there is some more netsky! This is two hours of very well mixed and mastered work, I personally cannot wait for the future of Nero to unravel before us.

Oh and I guess I should mention their new Single Nero - Me and You, well if Nero carry on producing music like this record then they are going to be a massive part of 2011, Me and You is just one more fantastic tune to add to their already pretty impressive list. Song can be heard here:

For the record I was high off Prescribed drugs for a broken shoulder, not Pot, reference to pot is simply because it is the choice of drug when listening to DUB for so many people, and if its anything like what I experienced from my prescribed pills...then crack on!

you can hear the mix here
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Cheers and Enjoy

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