Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Slang Sling

As soon as I typed 'New Sling' I immediately thought of 'New Slang' by The Shins. What a seamless anecdote for a seamlessly brilliant song, listen. Its featured in the film 'Garden State' as well, I fell asleep when I watched it, but apparently it really is very good.

Any how, New Sling.

I've got a new sling, this one is a bit more up market than your average sling, this sling holds my arm in a position that is perpendicular to my body, so in other words my arm is facing forwards. To accomplish this position there is a massive piece of padding between my arm and body, a complete sweat feast! a strap goes around my waist, and another strap around my back before splitting at the arm pit, one going over my shoulder the other under my arm pit before meeting up and going back around to the sling. So now I've got two armpits that's are going to sweat up like Jackson on a school bus. Lovely.
There is also a ball that my hand can rest on, quite a good idea, but not such a good idea is having the ball covered in the most man made material you could imagine, a sweat fest nylon/polyester material. Idiots!

So anyway it looks a little like this one on the left, except mine has a ball for the hand, and those straps around the opposite armpit that I mentioned. Ive spent almost a week in a normal sling, so its only three in this sling now. What really frustrates me is because it is so big i cant write, so that's another 3 weeks of uni that I cant write.

So far this academic year I have taken about 1 weeks worth of notes, the rest of the time I have been in a sling, or had an arm that aches after about 15 Min's of note taking, which led me to not bother. I'm really concerned with how much uni work I've missed. But its fine, this is the last chapter in my whole shoulder experience, I'm fed up of hearing the word shoulder, typing the word shoulder, I'm fed up of my own shoulder!


Ive bought a new T - Shirt, I love tees , they are like a good pain of jeans, reliable and worn to death, so when I came across this bike related tee whilst shopping for a friends birthday I couldn't resist. Grey is a good base colour, will look good by its self or under a zip hood, clean and simple and bike related. sorted! Check out the full range here. Its also just a really cool website with regular bike related posts about, um, bikes.

Ive also bought a bag to carry stuff around at uni so that my s******r doesn't hurt too much.

So yes, I have a new sling, I hate it, but its got to be worn other wise I wont be able to do things I want to do without my s******r fucking up again.

Whilst writing this Ive listened to the whole album 'Wincing The Night Away' by 'The Shins' and its brilliant. Worth a listen for sure. I think I will leave the blog at that, there is plenty to talk about, but everything is better in smaller chunks right? Plus my Tramadol is wearing off and I need a poo.


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