Friday, 4 February 2011

New Shoulder, New Life

Well that's it everyone, it would seem the whole shoulder incident is over, Ive just had surgery to stabilize my shoulder and face 4 weeks in a sling before some intensive physiotherapy, and then, dare I say it, Im all back to normal!

Im not as sure about the ins and outs of the stabilization process, but I think it pretty much involved lots of stitch (internal) and knots to anchor the anterior and posterior labrum back to the socket, and I think the Glenoid had a bit of work done to it as well. This VIDEO outlines everything pretty well

So when I said it felt like I'd been stabbed with a screwdriver and thursted around in my shoulder, ironically, I was spot on.

Oh and this was floating around in there too...

thats a 5p and some cartilage, you can just make out lots of marks on it, presumably where its been grinding away inside my shoulder socket. Its like Wetherbee Ivory, I have no idea what to do with it, some kind of funky jewellery or something?

Yup so now I have a long thin scar, and three, to be tiny scars.

Do I get a 'Join the Dots' Tattoo incorporating the scars?

So hopefully this is the last of my chronic shoulder issue, 4 weeks in a sling, lots of physio (with the beautiful physio again!) then I'm back on the straight and narrow.
For now though I'm in plenty of pain and itching like crazy from the pain meds. Ive decided that having your shoulder poked and prodded is almost, if not, worse the clavicle surgery, but I guess this is a long dull aching pain that you cant get rid of easily, where as the clavicle was short sharp and sudden, and soon disappeared via immobilization.

Anyway, that's enough typing as my arm is starting to hurt. Watch this space for updates, photos, and all sorts, I do believe there is a video and photos of the actual Surgery! How cool is that.

Cheers Ears.

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