Sunday, 16 January 2011

2011 - Week Two

Well, I managed to make it to Uni for the record time of three days! After the return of the Scabie outbreak there was no way I was returning to Belgrave so the Psycho coursemates kindly put me up for a few days and it was awesome! Living in a house with true mates again, it kinda felt like I was in a hostel again.

Review of the Globe Destroyer trainer...

..mega comfy, even for the first week which is usually when you go through a week of pain before they 'settle'. It took a while to set the lacing and tongue up, but once sorted they look fly! I ended up doing a lot of walking a few days and there was a little bit of un-comfortableness but I'm putting that down to the trainers bedding in.

I learnt a valuable lesson in Plymouth regarding purchasing underwear. I found some Calvin Kleins, random colour but looked cool. However, when I got home and took them out of the packet I was shocked to see that they were in fact very tight briefs! I didn't have any clean underwear so I wasnt about to take them back so now Im stuck with a pair of budgie smugglers that clamp down on your dick!

On a more positive note I picked up a basic grey tee for cheap...

Shoulder Update

I've been discharged from the Fracture Clinic in Plymouth, which means I can crack on with my next lot of surgery.

If you look just above the first horizontal screw from the left you can see where the bone broke. It hasn't re joined completely but will over time, apparently the space in between each bone segment could well be filled with calcified bone that doesn't show up on xrays.

My Shoulder operation (The original problem, the collarbone was a major spanner in the works) has been booked in for February 2nd at Oswestry or possibly the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital I cant remember which. This op will be key hole surgery with two incisions anteriorly and posteriorly in an attempt to anchor my torn ligaments etc back into place and to remove the floating cartilage.

That's about it really, I had a bit of a melt down yesterday so no doubt I will blog some more through out the week. Instead of saving everything up for an end of week blog I may just blog throughout the week.


Left: Great Grandad, Middle: Dad, Right: Grandad (Hugh) How cool is that :)

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