Saturday, 8 January 2011

2011 - Week One

Well Happy New Year.

My first week of the new year has been spent in the hospice visiting and looking after Dad. He's not doing all that well sadly, alas he has had many visitors to keep his mind off his own situation. He still wakes up and says "are we going home today", breaks my heart to tell him maybe soon knowing full well he is too unwell to go home. Anyway.

On a brighter note, I finally took delivery of my new trainers. Globe Destroyer in Black/Blue Hawaiian

the day after i received them it only bloody snowed so i havnt had much chance to wear them other than around the house, they are comfy as :)

The photo heading this post was a picture I took last night, it was taken on my phone just out side the hospice in the car park, the bright light is exactly that, a bright light, our car is in the back right of the shot, and all the lights around the shot are actually beads or droplets of water on a tree/bush. By making some adjustments with contrast and exposure I managed to enhance the light hitting the beads of water making them look almost like stars. Kicking myself though as if I had a DSLR this could have been a fantastic shot.

In other news. The idiot flatmate that got scabies last term has apparently picked it up again, what a complete cock! Im going down to Plymouth on the 11th for my shoulder appointment, I was intending on staying in that house, well, now, I don't want to go anywhere near it. It would be fine if he lived by himself, but he has others to think about, and its unfair on us. Down right irresponsible, and the second time, no excuses, no sympathy, that's really pissed me off.

Well I'm afraid there is nothing else worth blogging, that photo has really prompted me to get back into photography, clearly I don't need green to get creative ;)

Cheers x

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