Saturday, 15 January 2011


Should not exist. It will dis-engage you from the real world and leave you Pinging at every oppertunity and living your life through your mobile phone (not that you didn't already). Social interaction should never be allowed to regress to its 'Instant' phase. With Ping you can see that a message has been sent, and you can see if it has been received, or not which ever is the case. I think texting is good enough, you send the text and forget it untill you get a response. Ping on the other hand is constantly open and you can often find yourself checking ALOT to see if the 's' for sent has magically turned into a 'r' for received. Not a good life to be living. Of course you can always argue 'Exercise some more self control'.

I think I will exercise my Self Control and delete it.

PING! You are being Deleted.

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