Friday, 21 January 2011

Song of the Week #3

Panic! At The Disco are back!

My good friend Rob Dunkerley has just hooked me up with a new song from Panic! leaked onto the internet via youtube.

Hear it here:

Their first album 'A Fever You Cant Sweat Out' was an immediate classic and became the soundtrack to my college days, It was listened to in class via headphones up my sleeve, in friends cars, to camping trips on the River Lugg. Just listening to the likes of "Lying Is The Most Fun...", 'The Only Difference...', and of course 'Build God, Then We'll Talk' bring back very good memories :) One that comes to mind is a camping trip down the Lugg, me and Sophie had been at the Cock of Tupsley sinking large amounts of alcohol and upon our return to the Lugg i was very ill and fell into my tent and passed out, not before hearing the neighboring tent banging out some classic Panic! and my vein attempts to join in.

Their second album 'Pretty. Odd' was nothing like their first, now im not a music critic so im not even going to pretend like i am and write some flowery crap with big words but i will say that for what ever reason the second album didn't have the same effect on me as the first. This is part due to me being in New Zealand when it was released and at the time i was living in every moment i was in and spent little time keeping up with anything media related, music included. However there are few good tunes on the second album, 'She's A Hansome Women' is still up there with the classics of the first album, I can even picture the exact location of myself when i first heard it, I was sitting in a friends kitchen having just come back from a surf. She lived so close you could ride down to the beach on your bike, what a lifestyle. 'Nine In The Afternoon' another song from the second album was also pretty good, but the rest, in my opinion didn't cut it, the unique sound that made Panic! has been sucked out and replaced with Generic melodies that, ok yes his definitive voice is still there, but could have been written by anyone, they weren't Panic! songs as we knew it.

So where will the third album sit in this Panic! scale of Genius - Generic sounds?

A new song was leaked today 'The Ballad Of Mona Lisa' and I think it lays heavily towards the Genius, in fact im listening to it now and the more i listen, the closer it falls under genius. It sounds a lot like their material from the first album, which as everyone knows is a great thing, and no doubt is the wishes of everyone who has been anticipating the next album.

Im not a dedicated fan who checks various sites everyday for new information and indeed links, but I am a fan, and Panic! (particularly the first album) represent some very good times.

A Regression to their original sound is a very welcome thing indeed.

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